5 Celebrities Who Underwent Microblading

It is hard to get perfect eyebrows like Kim Kardashian. You will take hours to get your eyebrows to look like her. Instead of spending hours trying to look selfie-ready, why not try something that provides similar results without wasting so much time? That’s where microblading brows comes in. Hollywood celebrities have flaunted their eyebrows for years. Turns out, most of them underwent microblading. And you thought they spent hours trying to look perfect in front of the camera. Wondering which celebrities went for microblading? Here are a few names that will surprise you.


1. Adele


Did you ever imagine a three-time Billboard Artist of the Year will undergo microblading? Probably not. Yet Adele went for microblading before performing at the Grammys in 2017. Coincidentally, she also won her fifth Grammy that same night. It was a night to remember for everyone. She was at the peak of her career, thanks to her consistent performance both on and off the stage. But when it comes to microblading, no one saw it coming. It made her look stunning. Apart from five Grammys, Adele also has a Golden Globe and an Academy Award.


2. Gwyneth Paltrow


Her blonde hair and eyebrows make people fall in love with her at first sight. This Academy Award-winning actress became famous for her part in the movie Shakespeare in Love. She is also popular for her role as Pepper Potts, Iron Man’s love interest in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not many people know this, but Gwyneth underwent microblading 2017. Her matching eyebrows with her blonde hair are a perfect combination to flaunt at Red Carpets.


3. Mandy Moore


Mandy Moore is a legend. Her films like The Princess Diaries and A Walk to Remember have become cults in the last decade. She is also starring in the famous NBC drama, This Is Us. The American actress and song-writer recently revealed that she underwent microblading for her part in the TV series. She plays the part of a lover and a mother of three in This Is Us. It is her enthusiasm to look young that made her decide to go for microblading.


4. Mila Kunis


When you watched Mila Kunis in That 70s Show, you probably wondered how in the world she looks so beautiful. Everything about her is so perfect. It is as if someone drew Mila Kunis, and she came to life. From perfect eyebrows to a charming smile, she never fails to impress anyone both on and off the screen. Plus, her brown hair matches her eyebrows. Like Mandy Moore, Mila Kunis also revealed that she underwent microblading. Now you know why she looks so perfect all the time.


5. Linsey Godfrey


Do you know why Linsey Godfrey’s eyebrows look thicker and fuller all the time? It’s because of microblading. Her makeup artist, Julia Faria, in an interview, said that Linsey preferred thicker eyebrows in general. Her character in The Bold and the Beautiful and Surface, both demanded a strong personality. Microblading helped her achieve the look the show-creators wanted.


6. Lorde


With two Grammy Awards already at the age of 21, Lorde is a new-age sensation. Her album Green Light has already sold over thousands of copies. This New-Zealand-born singer and song-writer became famous after winning the Grammys. When asked about her picture-perfect look, she revealed that microblading helped her achieve stylish eyebrows.


Now that you know the names of celebrities who underwent microblading, will you take your leap of faith? The procedure is not painful at all. Moreover, you don’t have to touch your eyebrows for a long period after microblading. It is one of the easiest ways to make your eyebrows look stylish.


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